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CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


2 rounds

weighted pvc passthroughs

Supinated hang 20 seconds

Muscle snatch x 5

Crossover symmetry overhead squat x 5

Barbell Option A

Snatch (4×3 all from AK)

Snatch Pull (2×6 @ 110% 1RM, all from AK)

Barbell Option B

Muscle Snatch Complex (Msn + OHS + Psn, 4x all from BK )

Snatch Pull (3×3 all from FL, @ challenging weight)

BB Option C – “Straight Outta On Ramp”

Muscle Snatch (4 challenging sets of 3-8)

Snatch Pull (3×3 all from FL, @ challenging weight)


3 rounds

Ring push-ups x 10

Hollow/Arch rolls x 10 (scale to 20 second hollow hold/20 second arch hold)


Metcon (Weight)

Score is the total weight of the sets completed(Ascend weight each round – get heavier!!):


EMOM 10 minutes:

3 Overhead squats

1 rope climb


EMOM 10 minutes:

3 Overhead squats

5 Burpees


EMOM 10 minutes:

3 Front squats

5 burpees

Snatch from ground. Do not take off rack. Squats must be unbroken. Can increase or decrease weight as needed. Or can keep same weight throughout. Lifters choice. Score is total combined weight of all successful rounds. (Just add single barbell weights together. Do not multiply out total poundage of total reps)

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