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Friday 071417

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


8:00 AMRAP

Samson stretch x 10 steps

Supinated hang x 30 seconds

Overhead squat x 5

DH snatch x 5

Barbell Option A

Dead hang snatch (4 challenging sets of 5 )

Barbell Option B

Double KB Snatch (4 challenging sets of 8 )

BB Option C – “Straight Outta On Ramp”

Muscle Snatch Complex (2 MSn + 2 Psn, 4 challenging sets)

All Groups

Bulgarian split squats (3×8 each leg)

30-40% of weight used Wednesday’s Back Squat Singles

Accessory Work

Kettlebell goblet march 3×2:00

Grab a heavy kettlebell and hold in goblet while you high knee march in place. Rest 1:00 minute between sets.


Metcon (Time)

Two Rounds for time:

Row 1000 meters

200 meter Farmers Carry

50 meter overhead carry right arm

50 meter overhead carry left arm

RxPlus: 2/1.5 pood

Rx:1.5/1 pood

Fitness: Scale as needed

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