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Friday 120916

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


6:00 AMRAP

6x Inchworms

:20s Supinated Hang

6x Elbow to Instep (each leg)

:20s Bottom of Squat hold

Barbell Option A

Muscle Snatch Complex (5 challenging sets all from BK )

Muscle Snatch + Power Snatch + Snatch

Barbell Option B

Muscle Snatch Complex (Muscle Snatch + OHS (to best range), 4×3)

BB Option C – “Straight Outta On Ramp”

Muscle Snatch Complex (3 Muscle Snatch + 3 Power snatch)

5 moderate sets all from BK


3 rounds

8x High Lateral Step Ups (4R/4L)

:30s Ring Support – Hollow body focus! 

10x Hanging Knee Raise w/ Twist (10 each side)

4x GH Raise/6-8x Nordic Hamstring Curls/15x Banded Hamstring Curls (athletes choice of one)


Metcon (Time)


6 rounds for time:

5x Double kettlebell snatch (Go heavyish, preferably power snatch them )

10x Strict Burpees (Nothing touches floor on push-ups except hands and feet. Must pop up from push-up into squat without anything touching floor.)


6 rounds for Time

5x 1 Arm KB Snatch (each arm)

10x Burpees

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