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Friday On Ramp 040717 D3W12017

CrossFit Buffalo – On Ramp


Warm Up

3-5 Rounds

8x Inchworms

8x Elbow to Instep

:30s Bottom of Squat Hold

:30s Plank

50′ 1 Arm Farmer Carry (each arm)


2-3 Rounds

8-12x KB Goodmornings

6x 1 Arm Waiter Squat (each arm)

:10s Back Extension Hold + 5x Back Extensions (teach proper technique)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds

1:30 Max Effort No Push Up Burpees

1:30 Slow Count Air Squats, steady pace

Rest 6:00

4 Rounds

1:30 1 Arm OH Carry, steady pace

1:30 Max Effort Ring Rows

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