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Jacked and Tan Thursday

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


2 Rounds

200M Run

100M Farmer Carry .75/.5

10 Sumo Inchworms

10 High Box Lateral Step Ups each leg

Jacked and Tan

Bench Press (2 Rounds, 6-4-2, rest as needed between sets )

1. Complete 1 Challenging set of 6, 1 challenging set of 4, 1 challenging set of 2

2. On round two, increase weight on each set by 5-15#.

One Arm DB/KB Row (4 heavy sets of 3/fail, controlled eccentric)

Face Pulls (4 challenging sets of 12/fail)

1. Can lay on bench and use DB’s, EZ Curl Bar, etc

Bench Circuit (3 Rounds of the following)

8x DB Flys, immediately into max effort push ups

14x Bent over reverse flys

Rest 2:00

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