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Jacked and Tan Thursdays!

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


1000m Row @ 60% Effort

Jacked and Tan

Deadlift (ALL OFF BLOCKS )

1. Blocks should be set to ever so slightly below knee. Grip should be pronated

2. Rest 1:30 between each set

Bent Over Row ((BB) from BK 4 heavy sets of 8, R 2:00)

between each set complete :20s ring support

Ring Rows (3 max sets)

1. between each set, complete 8-12 reverse flies with crossover symmetry bands. Rest as needed

Shoulder Complex (4 heavy sets)

1. Front Raise x8 + Lateral Raise x8 + Arnold Press x8

2. Rest 2:00 between each set

Arm Accessory work (4 challenging sets)

1. 10 banded bicep curls + 10 banded tricep extensions, :03s eccentric on both, rest as little as possible between each set

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