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4 minutes

Tall muscle clean 8 reps

Inchworm walk outs x 5

Cossack squats x 10 each leg



– (A) Cleans, 12:00 to work up to one heavy clean, try to take one clean every 1:00

– (B) KB Clean, 12:00, complete 2 Reps AHAP

– (C) Power Clean + Front Squat + Clean from AK, 1 rep every minute for 12 minutes

Front Squat (3×2 @ 95% 3RM )


3 rounds

20 Scap depressions on dip bars

2-3 Wall Climbs


8:00 AMRAP (for Quality)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30 seconds Front rack hold 100-105% 1RM front squat

One arm Kettlebell front squat right arm 8 reps

One arm Kettlebell front squat left arm 8 reps

L-sit sit ups 8 reps (scale to straight legged sit-ups)

Go as heavy as possible on kettlebell squats but bias towards weaker side if there is one

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