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Nickel City Nine 112816

CrossFit Buffalo – Nickel City 9


1. Hip Work 2 rounds

a. Inchworms

b. Elbow to Instep

c. Lateral Lunge

d. Reverse Lunge

e. Bottom of Squat Hold :30s

2. Shoulder work

a. Crossover Symmetry

b. Internal External Rotations +2.5-5#, 2×15 each arm


Squat Therapy

o Review/5 Rounds

 6-10x Slide out Squats

 5x High Lateral Step Ups

 10x KB Goodmornings

 1:00 Plank

Back Squat (6x Back Squats @ 90-100% 12RM )

1. Between each set complete 30M 1 Arm Front Rack Carry, each arm

Core Complex

o 4 Rounds

 8x Barbell Rotations

 8x Hanging Twisting Knee Raises

 8x Weighted Sit Ups

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