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Thursday Jacked and Tan 111016

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


3 Rounds

250M Row

20M Bear Crawl

:20s Crab Hold

10x Step Ups (forward) (5L/5R)


Shoulder Press (Press up to one heavy set of 10)

1. After 10RM is established;

Take 80% for 2 max effort sets

1 Arm High Pull (KB) (Complete 1 heavy set of 8-10 on each arm)

1. After last set of 10, go down 10#, or move to next lightest KB for 2 max effort sets, these are STRICT, no hip motion.

Shoulder Complex (Complete 4 rounds of the following)

15x Banded Reverse Flys (w/ crossover symmetry bands)

1:00 Plank

10x Lateral Raise

:45s Side Plank


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Optional Conditioning;

4 Rounds

5x Touch and go cleans @ 45-50% 1RM

1:00 Max Calorie Row on Erg/Ski Erg

*Score is Total Calories “Reps”

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