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Thursday Jacked and Tan!

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


400m Run


2 Rounds

10x Bulldogs

8x Inchworms

6x Elbow to Instep (each leg)

:20s supinated hang

Jacked and Tan

Bench Press

2×6 @ 77% 1RM (or 2×6 challenging but fast sets)

2×4 @ 82% 1RM (or 2×4, rep 4 should be slowish)

2×3 @ 87% 1RM (or 2×3, rep 2/3 should be a challenge or slow)

2×2 @ 90% 1RM (or 2×2, rep one should be explosive, rep two should be grind

2×1 @ 93% 1RM as explosive as possible

* after last set complete one max effort set of push ups

* Between each set complete 10x Bent over reverse flies

Chin-ups (4×4-8 reps + weight)

Between each set, complete 5 Double KB Strict Press + :10s hold after last rep. Rest 2:00.

Ring Dips (3×8-10 + :08s ring support after last rep)

Between each set complete 12x Barbell High Pulls at a manageable weight, each rep should be fast during the lift (concentric) and slow during the lower (eccentric).

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