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Thursday Jacked and Tan

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


1000m Row @ 60% Effort

Crossover Symmetry

2 Rounds

10x Suitcase DL

8x DARC Swing (each arm)

:20s Plank

Jacked and Tan

Bent Over Row (6 heavy sets of 4 )

1. Between each set complete 10x declined push ups

Barbell High Pull (4 heavy sets of 12 )

1. Between each set complete :10s Ring Support

2. For the high pull, focus on the eccentric being slower than the concentric!

Core complex (4 Rounds )

12x V-Ups

1:00 Side Plank (no weight)

12x Weighted Sit Ups

1:00 Weighted Plank (Front)

12x Ab Rollers

Accessory Work


Complete 4 sets to failure, alternating each round

1. DB Hammer Curls (fail around 8-15 reps)

2. Skullcrushers (DB or EZ Curl bar)

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