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Thursday Jacked and Tan

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


1000M Row @ 60% Effort

Crossover Symmetry

2 rounds

10x Empty Bar Upright Row

:20 Plank

10x Push Up

:20 Superman Hold

Jacked and Tan

Bench Press (3 heavy sets of 8 )

1. After last set of 8 complete 4 Rounds:

8x DB Bench Press

15x Reverse Fly

Rest as little as possible between rounds

Pendlay Row (4 heavy sets of 6, pause at top for :01s each rep)

1. Between each set complete 2-8 Dips (Ring or straight bar)

2. Rest 1:40 between each round

Glute-Ham Raises (4 challenging sets of 6 )

1. Between each set complete 8x Double KB Front Rack Lunges (Forward, 4 each leg)

Core Complex (Complete 4 Rounds of the Following;)

1. Banded Rotations (high to low) 10x each way

2. 18 V-Ups

3. Banded Rotations (low to High) 10x each way

4. 14x Weighted Sit Up

5. :45s Side Plank (each side)

6. 12x Ab Roller

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