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Tuesday 061317

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


AMRAP 8 minutes:

Gorilla walks x 10 steps each leg

Bottom of goblet squat hold x 30 sec

Back squat x 5 Increase as you go

Barbell Front rack hold x 20 seconds use same bar as back squats


Back Squat (Work to one heavy set of 3, not max effort)

Once third rep starts slowing down, move on to;

2×8 @ 60% of weight hit for 3

Accessory Work

Four rounds:

Alt. Double KB Upright Row x 6-12 each arm

Rest 1:30

Lat Pulldowns/Banded Pull Ups/Pull Ups w/ weight x 8-12


Metcon (Time)

For time:


Front squats 135/95

Ring rows


Should be able to hit first set of squats unbroken. Scale accordingly.

RxPlus: replace ring rows w/ C2B

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