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Tuesday 081616

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


400M Run

Crossover Symmetry

2 rounds

10x Shoulder Tap Push Ups

5x One Arm Ring Rows

100M Farmer Carry R and L w/ 1/.75p

10x Ring Rows

Jacked and Tan

Bench Press (Up to one heavy single )

1. After 1RM, take 70% for 3×5

2. Between each set of 5 complete 20x reverse banded flies, rest 1:30 between each set

Chin-ups ((or Supinated Ring Rows) 4×6, :04s eccentric)

1. Between each set complete 8x Standing DB Strict Press, rest 2:00 between each set

Neutral Grip Grip DB Bench Press (4 heavy sets of 12 (DB/KB))

1. Between each set complete 15x 1 Arm DB Row, rest :45s between each set


Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds

250M Row

15 KBS @ 2/1.5p

10 Burpees

15 KBS @ 2/1.5p

250M Row

Rest 3:00 between each bout. Each attempt should be all out.

Record the time of each round in your comments!

RX+ option, complete 3 rounds.

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