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Tuesday 091316

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


1000M Row @ 60% Effort

2 Rounds

6x 1 Leg RDL (Each arm)

:20s Plank

10x Squats

:20s HS Hold

:20s Supinated Hang

Jacked and Tan

Deadlift (3×1 @ 110% 5RM)

1. After last single, take 2×8 @ 87-90% 5RM, rest 1:00 between each set

Banded lat pulldowns (4 high tension sets of 15)

1. Between each set complete 8x 1/4 DB Bench Press (flat bench) AHAP.

A.) Start on chest, press 1/4 way up, back down, all the way up, that is one rep.

Back extension (4×12, add weight if possible )

1. Between each set complete 8x banded hamstring curls

A.) Tie red (or higher tension band) to rig, lay face down with band around feet, and pull both feet as close to your butt as possible. Control the eccentric.


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds

4 Box Jumps @ 30/24″

6 Burpees

200M Sprint

Rest 1:00

RX+ option – increase height of the box

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