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Tuesday 102516

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


2 Rounds

3:00 for Quality, 1:00 Rest Between each round

o 3x Lateral high Step Ups

o :20 Plank

o 6x Slide Out Squats

o :20 Superman Hold

Jacked and Tan

Deadlift (4×7-10 @ 80-85% 5RM )

1. Between each set, complete Crossover Symmetry Y-negatives 8 reps (2 second hold, 4 second eccentric)

2. Rest 2:00 after both exercises completed

KB Goodmornings (4 challenging sets of 8 w/ :02s pause at bottom)

1. Between each set complete 3/6x Tempo Pull Up/Ring Row, (Hold 5 sec chin over bar, 5 sec eccentric, 5 second hang. Scale to rows if needed)

2. Rest 1:40 after both exercises completed

Core Complex (Complete 3 rounds of the Following;)

3 Position planks: 20 seconds right leg off ground, 20 seconds left leg off ground, 20 seconds legs wide

10 Tuck crunches 2 second hold at top of each rep

10 Supermans 2 second hold at top of each rep (scale to alternate arm/leg if needed)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Double Tabata

KB Swings @ 2p/1.5p

GH Sit Ups


Double Tabata

KB Swings @ 1.5p/1p

Weighted Sit Ups @ .75p/.5p


Double Tabata

KB Swings @ 1.25/.75

Sit Ups

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