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CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


2 rounds

Duck walks 30 feet

Cossack squats 10 each leg

Sky reaches 10 each arm


o Split Jerk Footwork drills, 5-8 minute walkthrough – Done all together with groups (BB A, B, and C)

 Draw lines on platforms

 2×8 Press from Split

 2×8 Jerk from Split

 2x 1 Jerk + 3 OHLunge + 1 Jerk


Back Squat (6×2 @ 90% 5RM)


3 sets:

10 knees and feet together squats (hold kettlebell extended in front)

10 Seated leg lifts (hold at top of each rep)

Eccentric calf raises 10 each leg


Metcon (Weight)

EMOM 15 minutes

3 power cleans

10 Push ups

RxPlus: Cleans must be touch and go and push ups must be defecit (kbell handles)

Rx: Cleans must be touch and go and full body weight push-ups

Fitness: Take cleans from hang if needed and scale push-ups to box or ring push-ups

You may increase weight during WOD but if you let go of the bar during the cleans or fail to complete the push-ups the round does not count. Score is heaviest weight lifted.

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