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Our Gym Was Different Then. And Is Different Now.

In 2007 we were the first established CrossFit in Buffalo. Our goal was to carve a path for people who were looking for a unique, progress driven, fulfilling, and fun training experience that one could not find anywhere else. That goal remains today.

Our CrossFit classes have always been built on the belief that your workouts should challenge your perceived limitations, compel you to push past them, and safely deliver you to the goals you have set. Then repeat that process as your aspirations progress.

We prioritize effectiveness and creativity above all things and strive to get you to love the process as much as the payoff. What is, on the surface, a simple combination of functional weightlifting and bodyweight strength training coupled with energizing conditioning work, when taken to a deeper level, can become the bedrock on which strength, confidence, and resilience are built both physically and mentally.

Ultimately our course will always be guided by the principle that the difference in us is driven by the difference in you.

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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