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Sarah S.

My experience at crossfit buffalo is definitely unique but motivating! I have been with crossfit for 3 years but six months ago I severely injured my back and was told I could never exercise again beside power walking or water aerobics. This didn’t sit well with me and after some physical therapy I discussed the option of personal training with Dave and he suggested Meg. Meg and I worked together closely and carefully on movements to find what worked specifically for me andmodified them when I was unable. She pushed me when necessary and after 3 months I am back to classes with everyone else and modifying when I need! Along with personal training I was also able to take advantage of Nick for his chiropractic and soft tissue work to improve my recovery further. Due to this gym, Meg and Nick, and all of the amazing people that work there, I am able to exercise comfortably and confidently again! Thank you!

-Sarah S.