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Our most comprehensive program in the gym with the widest variety of both strength and conditioning that develops a do-it all level of physical and mental ability. Our CrossFit classes consist of an hour long guided training experience where your coach will educate, challenge, and inspire you to safely and effectively push yourself to your potential on all fronts of fitness.




A starting point for some and a missing link for others. Our Build program is a strength focused class that serves to develop quality movement patterns, correct muscular imbalances that can lead to injury, increase functional strength, and improve aesthetics. Appropriate for all ability levels this class offers the skills and confidence for newcomers looking to move into CrossFit classes, help the experienced athlete fill in the gaps in their performance, or as a sole strength program for those looking to focus solely on muscular development.


Personal Training

Uncovering and addressing individual needs is something everyone should do at some point sooner or later. Whether you are looking to jumpstart your progress from the beginning, address an injury, or push through a training plateau, you will not find a better solution than one-to-one training with one of our coaches.


Nutrition Management

Weight loss, strength gain, performance, sense of well-being. All of them hinge critically not just on healthy nutrition, but also sleep, and stress management. Let us help you to identify and correct what is holding you back from not only accelerating your progress in the gym but more importantly feeling your best and getting the most out of life outside of it.



Our gym has always prioritized strength and power as primary and fundamental skills for all. One of the purest and most technical expressions of this is Olympic weightlifting. This class centers around proficiency and development of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk and is beneficial to those looking to build familiarity with the barbell and those who wish to deepen their focus on barbell strength development outside of CrossFit classes or as a singular discipline.




“Foundation” noun – an underlying basis or principle.

Our Foundations classes focus on the fundamental principles of human movement and body awareness that will serve all individuals looking to develop confidence and capability for all of our other classes.

If you have never done CrossFit or any structured exercise program these classes are the ideal step off point to gain comfort and familiarity with the skills you will need for a safe and productive road ahead.


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